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MONTE Set of 8 Packs (M0812)

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MONTE SANITARY PAD is a high-grade feminine sanitary pad designed with the latest cutting-edge technology which composed of a total of 8layers where high level of quality assurance is enforced and monitored from the selection of raw materials to the entire production processes.


Product functions  / 产品功能:

Regulate menstrual period cycle / 调节月经的周期 

Relieve menstrual cramp / pain  / 减少经痛 

Anti-odor & reduce white discharge / 减少异味及白带 

Improve fertility / 提高生育能力 

Anti-bacteria & anti-itch / 抗菌及抗痒 

Improve endocrine system, balance physiological function / 改善内分泌,平衡和协调生理机能 

Cell activation, promote blood circulation & metabolism / 活化细胞,促进血液循环及新陈代谢 

Improve immune system / 提升免疫力

What inside the parcel  / 包裹产品包括:

4 X Day Use 245mm (10 pads per box) / 日用245mm(每包10片)

2 X Night Use 290mm (8 pads per box) / 夜用290mm(每包8片) 

2 X Pantyliner 155mm (30 pads per box) / 护垫 155mm(每包30片) 

Product Materials / 产品原材料:

Ultra soft cotton surface layer enhances the fluid absorption effects. Use of 100% cotton to provide gentle care to the female when interact with it.


3-in-1 core stripe with Negative Ions, Nano Silver and Far Infra Ray for health & hygiene effects. Negative Ions with cleansing function which ions count up to 6,010 cm³, effective cleaning for vagina and uterus. Nano Silver with protection function to prevent bacteria growth. Test report shown that it is able to kill bacteria up to 99.99%. Far Infrared Ray with physical improvement function. Effectively promotes blood circulation, improve endocrine, rejuvenate cells.


Hygienic ultrasoft dust-free layer with 360° wrap to provide dry and comfortable surface by locking the fluid absorbed SAP in stable and stagnant position.


"Super Absorbent Polymer" (SAP) from Japan with powerful fluid absorption which turns fluid to liquid gel form as to lock it from flowing back to surface. SAP with strong ability to lock fluid as to ensure the surface layer is always in dry condition. Up to the capacity up to 270ml (equivalent to 5 - 6 days of menstrual blood volume).

日本高份子(SAP)拥有超强的液体吸收功能,它能将液体转为凝胶形式并锁定和防止液体回流去表层。SAP的超强锁水功能能维持表面层的干爽状态。吸水功能达到250毫升 (相当于5-6天的月经血量)

The super leak-proof layer provides additional supports and protects the ultra soft dust-free layer from fracture and permeates to the bottom layer.


Breathable back layer enables unhygienic air from within to flow out as to eliminate environment for bacteria growth and unpleasant odour, keeping the refreshing feel when wearing.


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